Wednesday, March 24, 2021

A letter to my present (2021) self from my future (2030) self


Hey! my dear 2021 self,

I wanted to start this letter with a common introductory phrase - Hello dear, I hope you are doing well and things are doing well for you and people living in your time - but it is absurd to hope for a different situation when one is very much aware of the situation in hand. Yes, my dear, I am aware of the current situation that you people are going through. I know you people are facing a pandemic, but don’t worry you people will survive this. Now you must be confused and thinking - how do I know so much about you and your world?

Oh, my dear self, you don’t get confused, I am your future self writing you a letter on 1st of January, 2030. Yes, 9 years ahead of your time. I and the people living in my world had also gone through your time. We also faced this pandemic and survived it. You again might be thinking that, if I know so much why didn’t I write to you earlier?

My dear self how should I tell you, we were going through a difficult time, we were so much buried in our problems that we kind of lost the existence of your world. we were so much buried in our problems that we lost track of the time. In our 2020 year, as we just had survived the pandemic (that your world is currently facing) and as we just had again started living our lives normally, we were hit by disasters, yes, “the Climate disasters”- caused by the change in the climate. Your people must have heard about the phenomenon of climate change.

Back in our 2020 year, the scientists and the environmentalists in our world had informed us of this phenomenon of climate change. They had predicted the occurrence of this event in our upcoming years if we continue to live our lives as we were living. They had also presented some guidelines to follow and a list of things that we had to stop doing in order to prevent the occurrence of the disasters caused by it. But my dear self, people in our world didn’t pay any heed to them and kept living the way we were living, and within 10 years we were affected by this immensely.

The level of pollution in cities had reached a level that it was difficult to live in cities. People living in cities had left their houses and moved to the hilly areas. The weather had been so much capricious that we could not figure out what to sow when. All the crops had been affected by the capricious weather. We were almost on the verge of worldwide hunger. We were hit by so many cyclones and extreme weather conditions like floods and droughts.


But my dear self, we were not outright unfortunate. After going through this, the law-making and peace-maintaining bodies in our contemporary world put forth plans with strong measures and restrictions to get rid of this calamity. But if we had paid heed to the advice of our scientists and environmentalists, we would have not gone through this difficult time and had prevented this calamity.

Now my dear self, we are getting rid of this calamity and gradually recovering and starting our normal lives again. We are also thinking of starting living in cities again but with the controlled measures. The scientists in our world are thinking of alternatives to all those things contributing to this calamity.

Life in these years had been filled with ups and downs. Apart from these unfortunate events, we also experienced some good times. There have been so many technological advancements and so many other good things happened as well. One thing that people in our contemporary world have come to realize, after all these, is that everything in this world, be it living or non-living things, fosters our well-being only when we take care of them and protect their existence. So, this has been our lives, and I hope you will gain a lot of insights from this letter.

Best regard,

Your future self